live at Waggonhalle (bootleg)


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1    Ghosts
2   What Do You Need
3   Football Saturday
4   Where It Doesn’t Hurt
5   Cheap French Wine
6   Goodbye Paris
7   Geena
8   Local Boy In A Photograph
9   Happy End
10 Barcelona
11  Song Like A Torch
12 I Shall Be Released
13 This Is Home
14 Sit Down

All songs written by Robert Oberbeck This Is Home written by Oberbeck/Ripphahn Local Boy In A Photograph written by Jones/Jones/Cable I Shall Be Released written by Bob Dylan Sit Down written by Tim Booth

The Band: Robert Oberbeck (git.,voc.), Heiko Abel (bass,voc.), Timo Henkel (drums,perc.,accordeon), Dennis Wutzke (git.), Mark „Spud“ Mundin (git.,8,12,14), Chris Nash (voc.,8,12,14), Debbie Frayling (piano, 14), Luke Goddard (piano,12, git.,14)

Recorded on the 17th of november 2012 at Kulturzentrum Waggonhalle, Marburg, Germany
Soundboard Recording and mix by Steffen Wutzke and George Oderkerk

Thank you so much to all the people at Waggonhalle Marburg. It always feels like home!!!
Thank you so much to all my bandmates and people who come to the gigs and buy my records. Thanks to our families and friends. Special thanks to Spud, Chris, Debbie and Luke. Thank you Steffen!! „Chapeau“ to my friends – Tom Ripphahn, Markus Rill, Markus Leidig, Boris Schmidt, Heiko Abel, John Marais, Thorsten Richter, The Wutzke family, The Clarke-Bryan Family, Kai Pazoch, Rudi Noltensmeier, Overback and the Marburger Schoppeband All my love to Florence, Lisa and Sophie. See you on the way…, R.O.

Robert Oberbeck – live at Waggonhalle (bootleg)
Veröffentlichung August 2013