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1.The Shimmering Mountains
2.When The Night Falls Down
3.Dancing In My Living Room
4.I Will Go With You
5.Shoes of A Sad Man
6.What If We
7.The Bridge of Good Hope
8.The Wind And The Waves
9.I Wish I Could Have Stopped You
10.The Best of Everything
11.I’ll Make It Good
12.Christmas Time

HEAL was recorded between 2019 and Summer 2023.
1-5,7,10 was recorded by Tom Ripphahn at analoghaus Studio, Karben, Germany
8, 9, 12 was recorded by Timo Henkel at Sonic Blossom Audio Manufaktur, Marburg, Germany
6, 11 was recorded by David Christ at the Alfred-Wegener-Schule, Kirchhain, Germany
All songs written by Robert Oberbeck, except 9, Lyrics by Rill/Oberbeck and 11 Music by Mirr/Oberbeck, Lyrics by R. Oberbeck

Robert Oberbeck plays drums, acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, vocals, harmonica, Loops and strange noisesThe Collaborators – Thank you so much for your support and inspiration:
Tom Ripphahn – Producer, Engineer, Arrangements, keyboards, bass, guitars
Timo Henkel – Producer, Engineer, Arrangements, keyboards, programming
Dennis Wutzke – electric solo guitars on 8,9
Torsten Mihr – grand piano on 6,11
Rainer Husel, Burkhard zur Nieden, Wolf Peterhoff on „Shoes of A Sad Man”
Philipp Kalabis, Jens Flach, Steffen Wutzke, Timo Henkel on „Christmas Time“
CD Design Steffen Wutzke & Robert Oberbeck
Photos by Georg Kronenberg

Thanks to: Tom Ripphahn, Timo Henkel, Steffen Wutzke, Dennis Wutzke, John Marais, OVERBACK, The M Street Band, Marburger Schoppeband, Boris Schmidt, Heiko Abel, Gitte und Detlef Wutzke, Maik Garthe, Markus Rill, Patrick Christ, Ebby Dersch, Georg Kronenberg, Thorsten Richter, Flashlight, Erik Kerber, Werner Ettling, Kulturzentrum Waggonhalle Marburg, Musikmeyer, Kai Paczoch, Martin Köhler, The Guth Brothers, Red Carpet Stage, Blue Carpet Stage, The CBs, Mark Mundin and Wordsworth, Les Carlesso, Les Pivetta, , Wolfgang Niedecken, Elterninitiative für leukämie- und tumorkranke Kinder Marburg, Tobi Fischer.
Thank you so much, mum!
All my love to Florence, Lisa and Sophie

Robert Oberbeck – HEAL
Veröffentlichung November 2023